Nepal invests in Serbia, noodles factory opened in Ruma

The food factory was officially opened in Ruma, as the first investment in Europe by Nepalese company CG Foods Europe which operates within the Chaudhary Group. The investment is worth EUR 9 million.
The factory, which will produce noodles and other semi-prepared meals, started working in September and employs 100 workers. The plan is to employ 407 workers by the end of next year, and about 800 workers by the end of final phase.
Procurement of raw materials for the production will be from Serbian market and the plan is to supply the entire Europe with the products from Ruma.
Nepalese billionaire Binod Chaudri is among the top 50 in the Forbes list of the richest people in the world, and besides food, his companies produce steel, cigarettes, technical equipment, electricity. He also owns companies dealing with construction and hotel industry.