Italian Company Zoppas opens a Factory in Kikinda

Zoppas Group opened a production facility of various types of heaters in Kikinda. The factory will employ more than 400 people, according to a statement from the Ministry of Economy.

Minister of Economy, Goran Knezevic, head of Vojvodinian government, Igor Mirovic, Mayor of Kikinda, Pavle Markov and the director of Zoppas Serbia and Romania, Carmen Rusmir, officially opened a factory in which the company invested a total of EUR 2,4 million.

Knezevic pointed out that this was the third factory in Kikinda opened in the last three years. Speaking about Zoppas, the minister said that the company’s good practices would continue in Serbia too.

Knezevic also reminded that Zoppas is an Italian investment, and that Italy was one of the most important partners of Serbia, both politically and economically.

Last year, the foreign trade between Serbia and Italy amounted to USD 3,7 billion, and about 600 Italian companies, operating in Serbia, employ more than 20.000 people.

Zoppas Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of home heating elements, industrial systems and products for special industrial purposes. The group have production facilities in Serbia, Romania, Germany, Russia, France, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, and China. Zoppas Group employs over 8.000 workers and has operating income of EUR 710 million.