Taiwanese BizLink Opens Factory in Prokuplje

Taiwanese BizLink has opened a new plant in Prokuplje. The company produces cables for small home appliances and plans to employ a hundreds of new workers in the next few years.

BizLink in Prokuplje now employs 350 workers. Realisation of the investment in Serbia is supported by the Government of the Republic of Serbia and local self-government.

The opening of the production facility was attended by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who said that the government will support the Taiwanese company to expand its operations in Serbia and hire new workers.

He pointed out that the state will assist this underdeveloped region which needs invests for several reasons, and one of them is the strategy, as this location is the border area relying mostly on Kosovo and Metohija.

He stated that the priority for assistance in this area is the construction of the Nis-Pristina highway, the construction of a new industrial zone in Prokuplje and the revival of Kursumlija Spa.