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ESFA support local and international clients with strategic consulting services, within various industry sectors. We help clients to develop, spread, and modernize their businesses.

We have a broad range of experience in specialized market research among professionals and high-level opinion-makers. Our team is trained in turning information into actionable results. The ESFA’s niche is in identifying the operating and competitive environments which a new entrant will face, and in defining the best approaches to these to ensure an optimized market entry. This service is targeted at companies wishing to evaluate investments in an existing operation or a green field investment.

All the consultancy projects carried out by ESFA are used for decision-making purposes. Many are presented either to our clients’ main boards or to international or local financial organizations for credit purposes. Most of our research projects involve developing carefully argued forecasts of future trends in the markets under examination. To prepare these forecasts, our team makes full use of the appropriate modelling techniques, testing their hypotheses through the full regression analysis and applying standard statistical error minimization techniques.

We have substantial experience in assisting international investors to find a suitable partner to undertake their entry to the local market or to expand their existing local business. Numerous years of experience ensures our vast knowledge of the key players in all major industry sectors, as well as direct contact with most of them. Through the wide range of projects carried out, we have developed a strong database of best business practices. Our particular specialty is the benchmarking of a company’s performance against that of competitors and the analysis of opportunities.