M&A – Buy-Side Advisory

ESFAServices Transaction AdvisoryM&A – Buy-Side Advisory

ESFA professionals have advised a significant number of local and international clients in making strategic acquisitions to advance their business plans.

We help clients grow geographically, consolidate fragmented industries, and/or expand their product lines. As experienced advisors in these complex transactions, we offer a compelling and independent perspective to our clients’ growth strategy. In this role, we can identify strategic trends, specific acquisition opportunities, a target’s strengths, weaknesses, potential risks and/or assist in executing transactions already identified or in progress. We approach buy-side assignments in a highly customized model seeking to supplement existing client acquisition teams to add value wherever appropriate. More specifically this may include:

➢ Strategy Development
➢ Target Identification and Initial Approach
➢ Financial, Tax and Commercial Due Diligence
Business/Equity valuation
➢ Privatization and Bankruptcy Procedures Assistance
➢ Financing Solution
Active approach in the marketing, negotiation, and closing process