M&A – Sell-Side Advisory

ESFAServices Transaction AdvisoryM&A – Sell-Side Advisory

Our practice provides differentiated, value-added advice and sell-side advisory services to our clients facing complex strategic decisions and transactions. We will work with you to determine the appropriate scope of work, to confirm your assumption of the company’s value drivers and to reduce uncertainty.

Key elements of the process undertaken by ESFA team include:

Analysis of the client’s industry and business
➢ Due diligence analysis of the client’s business and finances
➢ Market research and identification of potential buyers
➢ Business/Equity valuation
➢ Developing the information platform necessary for the potential buyer to properly perceive the advantages of the subject of sale (preparation of the Information Memorandum)
➢ Coordinating data room
➢ Active approach in the marketing, negotiation and closing process

We have found an approach that consistently produces successful transactions, superior valuations, and very satisfied clients. An important part of our process is a detailed examination of client‘s financial and other statements to determine whether appropriate profitability add-backs exist or if client‘s finances need to be normalized to present the company in the best possible light.